XML support – Table and Chart samples

Data Source now smartly supports XML format starting with version 1.2.1.

It extracts attributes and texts from XML nodes you select to use and makes them available for tables, charts, grids and maps! You can see an example with food calories below with samples XML file

Name Price Description Calories
Name Price Description Calories
Belgian Waffles $5.95 Two of our famous Belgian Waffles with plenty of real maple syrup 650
Strawberry Belgian Waffles $7.95 Light Belgian waffles covered with strawberries and whipped cream 900
Berry-Berry Belgian Waffles $8.95 Light Belgian waffles covered with an assortment of fresh berries and whipped cream 900
French Toast $4.50 Thick slices made from our homemade sourdough bread 600
Homestyle Breakfast $6.95 Two eggs, bacon or sausage, toast, and our ever-popular hash browns 950

Sales data – Pie and Bar charts

Below you can see examples of Pie and Bar charts on transactions sample data.

In both cases we group transaction by Payment Type and display total amount or minimum and average correspondingly.


Charts – Yahoo! Inc. historical prices

Yahoo! Inc. Stocks. Historical Prices

Grid – Contacts list

3 columns grid with cycled backgrounds and boxes having rounded borders

Fred Hernandez

Senior Quality Engineer

Phone: 7-(528)902-5773

Irene Rivera

VP Accounting

Phone: 6-(955)225-9891

Maria Bailey

Statistician II

Phone: 0-(738)995-8093

Jane Fields

Associate Professor

Phone: 6-(371)933-4578

Tammy Ross


Phone: 7-(537)058-6131

Gerald Russell

VP Quality Control

Phone: 7-(161)318-7175

Evelyn James

Computer Analyst

Phone: 6-(514)346-0034

Howard Kim

Physical Therapy Assistant

Phone: 9-(129)372-7111

Antonio Grant

Executive Secretary

Phone: 2-(398)814-4060

Donald Mccoy

Electrical Engineer

Phone: 8-(585)656-4476

Kathryn Gomez

Research Associate

Phone: 1-(073)205-6376

Grids – Cameras catalogue from Google Spreadsheet

This grid is based on Google Spreadsheet. It demonstrates the possibility to build templates using images and data from file in a format you need.

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Table with list of products

Below you can see a table demonstrating multi language support (German interface), custom colors, custom font (Droid Sans) and disabled column names in footer.

Table is sortable. Default sorting is Price in ascending order. Click to download data file.

Product Name Price Manufactured Color
consequat varius $538.37 Ukraine Goldenrod
mauris ullamcorper $779.40 Indonesia Maroon
vivamus $290.84 Venezuela Violet
ultrices erat $556.56 Poland Aquamarine
integer $212.01 China Crimson
in eleifend quam $130.70 Poland Yellow
neque vestibulum $721.25 Tanzania Crimson
justo $441.64 France Teal
lacus morbi $388.08 Egypt Green
enim leo $669.42 Philippines Indigo
enim blandit $422.99 Iran Khaki
consequat ut nulla $406.74 New Zealand Mauv
morbi non lectus $647.77 China Puce
ac tellus $443.26 Brazil Turquoise
lectus $586.91 Brazil Khaki
molestie sed justo $233.20 Brazil Goldenrod
tempor convallis nulla $289.79 Philippines Green
molestie hendrerit $133.71 Saudi Arabia Red
posuere $296.59 Ecuador Goldenrod
sit amet eros $179.35 Poland Turquoise
nibh fusce lacus $322.48 Thailand Yellow
felis $122.12 Indonesia Aquamarine
viverra $607.83 Argentina Turquoise
et magnis $212.40 Ireland Puce
pellentesque ultrices $426.37 Philippines Violet
nulla $104.43 Peru Indigo
auctor sed tristique $694.87 Brazil Maroon
pede malesuada in $428.32 France Yellow
diam erat $469.27 Brazil Orange
dapibus dolor $448.70 Botswana Red
etiam justo etiam $782.69 China Blue
diam $297.09 China Crimson
aliquam sit $428.50 Vietnam Indigo
sem $164.42 Czech Republic Pink
eget orci $673.55 Philippines Mauv
sit amet $302.07 Sweden Red
ut suscipit a $345.20 China Teal
nec nisi vulputate $164.98 Thailand Purple
porttitor $222.63 Madagascar Green
non pretium $172.50 Russia Pink
suspendisse $470.21 China Goldenrod
quisque $664.63 Benin Maroon
sem sed $761.34 Russia Fuscia
aliquam sit amet $555.73 Brazil Teal
turpis enim blandit $342.51 Uzbekistan Indigo
at $577.48 Egypt Indigo
eu $114.08 Luxembourg Red
morbi ut $775.12 Bahrain Orange
velit $346.45 China Khaki
ligula $129.39 Czech Republic Goldenrod
pede ullamcorper augue $521.98 United Kingdom Orange
suspendisse potenti nullam $331.91 Russia Teal
viverra diam $206.74 China Pink
purus aliquet $313.42 Czech Republic Puce
convallis $537.95 China Aquamarine
morbi $750.22 Argentina Orange
eu $555.88 Indonesia Maroon
nisl venenatis lacinia $593.24 Norway Maroon
placerat ante $157.71 China Fuscia
felis $382.45 Brazil Pink
sit amet justo $143.39 Japan Pink
elit sodales $629.94 Russia Fuscia
hac habitasse $627.81 Austria Crimson
bibendum imperdiet nullam $281.87 Greece Puce
cubilia $111.78 China Teal
in $573.90 Russia Goldenrod
est $560.76 Uganda Fuscia
magna ac $528.65 Philippines Yellow
eget rutrum at $565.54 Dominican Republic Goldenrod
nisi eu orci $411.98 Lithuania Puce
vulputate ut $693.96 Philippines Pink
pede venenatis non $735.16 Israel Puce
semper rutrum $691.22 Mexico Yellow
neque vestibulum $118.14 Canada Red
id turpis integer $705.47 Sweden Pink
porta $609.28 Croatia Mauv
risus praesent lectus $690.44 China Yellow
ac diam $399.61 Sweden Aquamarine
odio elementum eu $398.83 Ukraine Fuscia
interdum in ante $371.10 Micronesia Blue
dapibus $351.66 China Violet
in felis $523.79 Czech Republic Yellow
justo sollicitudin $682.22 Russia Green
ipsum $504.06 China Purple
pulvinar $163.92 China Crimson
et eros $168.95 Indonesia Violet
dictumst aliquam $137.35 Philippines Khaki
ac enim in $474.89 China Puce
nulla mollis molestie $474.44 Morocco Violet
posuere nonummy integer $265.01 Kenya Fuscia
amet $401.24 Portugal Blue
lobortis $689.29 Portugal Mauv
ac nulla $777.81 China Puce
leo pellentesque $754.14 Slovenia Purple
vel $787.18 China Turquoise
nisi volutpat $384.27 Bhutan Khaki
a $211.46 Indonesia Goldenrod
luctus et $259.38 China Khaki
rutrum $276.73 Finland Aquamarine
etiam pretium $572.86 Brazil Puce
duis $686.07 Chile Blue
risus $749.70 Canada Maroon
vestibulum $773.39 Poland Indigo
sociis $179.93 Iran Yellow
consequat $179.77 Indonesia Khaki
pede venenatis non $711.97 China Crimson
elit $437.57 Mexico Yellow
donec dapibus duis $351.84 Poland Blue
imperdiet et commodo $243.23 Indonesia Blue
tincidunt $377.32 Indonesia Goldenrod
faucibus $704.73 China Fuscia
erat fermentum $268.18 Sweden Turquoise
erat tortor sollicitudin $749.54 Albania Blue
quisque $490.54 Russia Green
luctus cum sociis $593.60 China Yellow
pulvinar sed nisl $244.64 Chile Goldenrod
quis turpis sed $552.73 Indonesia Fuscia
donec posuere $537.90 China Blue
et magnis $493.48 Czech Republic Violet
vel $588.82 Sweden Pink
nibh in $208.47 Panama Violet
sit $576.68 Philippines Green
amet $160.76 Portugal Pink
leo $147.90 Philippines Orange
in $647.23 Burkina Faso Turquoise
duis $620.70 China Indigo
quam $244.23 Sweden Orange
sed $341.98 Somalia Indigo
risus auctor $656.35 Panama Red
metus $652.86 Nigeria Pink
commodo $494.47 Canada Indigo
turpis elementum ligula $525.43 Russia Mauv
quisque porta volutpat $392.59 China Turquoise
placerat ante nulla $323.88 Portugal Purple
quam $502.69 Brazil Fuscia
elit ac $569.77 Brazil Orange
blandit mi in $176.83 Philippines Turquoise
vel dapibus $456.06 Argentina Puce
eros viverra $379.71 China Goldenrod
purus $646.26 China Turquoise
ipsum integer $679.00 Portugal Blue
nulla facilisi $595.41 Indonesia Green
ornare $213.86 Indonesia Violet
sapien varius $782.46 China Aquamarine
donec posuere $693.97 Tunisia Blue
nullam $461.36 China Teal
viverra $563.81 Indonesia Mauv
elit sodales scelerisque $156.87 Poland Mauv
lectus $104.26 Mexico Orange
non $191.23 Germany Violet
orci luctus et $607.61 Vietnam Turquoise
integer tincidunt $709.56 Thailand Violet
consectetuer adipiscing elit $149.69 Indonesia Khaki
fermentum donec $210.72 Sweden Maroon
sapien dignissim $535.32 Vietnam Teal
scelerisque quam $289.24 Philippines Khaki
est $243.16 Russia Maroon
adipiscing elit proin $766.78 China Fuscia
elementum $778.46 Poland Green
montes nascetur ridiculus $183.88 Russia Goldenrod
tempus vivamus in $189.57 China Goldenrod
consequat in $571.54 China Goldenrod
nulla dapibus dolor $299.40 Indonesia Indigo
sed nisl $534.58 Japan Mauv
velit donec $381.16 Honduras Mauv
non $758.20 Norway Indigo
mattis $786.89 China Red
nunc vestibulum ante $483.23 Argentina Orange
duis consequat $419.74 Mongolia Mauv
lacinia nisi venenatis $386.16 Jamaica Yellow
at $787.17 Colombia Indigo
in est risus $772.80 Brazil Teal
orci luctus $289.82 Greece Goldenrod
vel nulla eget $390.03 Indonesia Khaki
eu magna $557.28 Philippines Teal
libero $181.39 Nigeria Maroon
justo in blandit $422.95 China Red
sagittis nam $694.23 Russia Mauv
donec $348.52 China Maroon
at $343.61 China Maroon
fringilla $788.61 Mexico Pink
nunc donec $161.09 Russia Purple
molestie nibh in $337.93 China Crimson
id sapien in $336.29 Brazil Yellow
luctus et $494.24 Philippines Puce
sed justo pellentesque $309.08 Finland Green
massa $363.04 Canada Blue
suscipit $236.02 Indonesia Indigo
at velit $149.00 China Teal
morbi $254.11 Peru Teal
nulla pede $718.78 North Korea Violet
id $499.54 Russia Aquamarine
tellus semper interdum $303.47 China Blue
a libero $578.01 Peru Turquoise
lacinia aenean sit $543.31 China Orange
pellentesque eget $237.53 Philippines Indigo
mauris morbi non $313.31 Russia Maroon
duis bibendum $552.88 Ireland Maroon
in quam $378.25 China Mauv
in leo maecenas $799.86 China Turquoise
sollicitudin mi sit $307.22 Canada Violet
potenti cras $432.10 Netherlands Mauv
nisl aenean lectus $438.28 Germany Mauv
non $287.30 Philippines Aquamarine
mattis odio donec $334.16 Poland Purple
augue $221.00 Albania Khaki
massa $476.60 Sweden Crimson
gravida nisi $221.38 Russia Turquoise
semper sapien a $694.21 Portugal Pink
tortor duis mattis $748.48 Philippines Crimson
quam $715.80 Portugal Red
at nulla $115.91 Norway Turquoise
odio condimentum $146.18 Italy Fuscia
quis libero $357.75 Philippines Pink
ligula $701.72 Senegal Teal
fermentum $604.79 China Red
sed $756.36 Portugal Khaki
felis $300.20 Indonesia Crimson
duis $770.45 Indonesia Orange
ac enim $771.80 China Khaki
erat nulla $637.84 Indonesia Crimson
posuere felis $443.72 Ecuador Khaki
habitasse platea $646.62 Portugal Teal
nisi volutpat eleifend $572.34 China Pink
cubilia curae $243.43 Canada Teal
sapien $561.99 Cuba Khaki
maecenas rhoncus aliquam $414.32 Portugal Mauv
ultricies $597.14 Poland Yellow
rutrum nulla nunc $466.84 Afghanistan Orange
etiam faucibus $485.91 South Africa Khaki
in lacus $716.18 Palestinian Territory Goldenrod
duis $477.28 Brazil Mauv
odio $729.36 Argentina Orange
non mauris morbi $288.56 Czech Republic Yellow
diam in magna $489.83 United States Violet
lacus purus aliquet $305.89 Cape Verde Turquoise
non $635.16 Malaysia Indigo
lorem $500.82 China Violet
platea dictumst $277.23 China Fuscia
donec posuere metus $263.70 Indonesia Pink
lacus morbi $511.17 Brazil Violet
a $168.29 Ethiopia Yellow
sem $202.88 Russia Purple
sed $413.47 Norway Fuscia
blandit $588.46 China Pink
sit $792.72 China Blue
sodales $278.09 Mongolia Yellow
mattis egestas $300.45 Indonesia Green
nulla quisque arcu $575.21 United States Green
sagittis dui $452.21 China Red
blandit lacinia erat $732.03 China Turquoise
et $161.42 Tajikistan Pink
libero nam dui $715.04 Mexico Blue
gravida sem praesent $278.56 Ukraine Mauv
dapibus $581.08 Portugal Maroon
congue $484.73 Mongolia Aquamarine
cubilia curae donec $280.54 Ukraine Indigo
odio donec vitae $727.41 Ethiopia Puce
sed accumsan $228.18 Philippines Mauv
aenean sit $789.65 Tajikistan Mauv
amet consectetuer adipiscing $343.77 Indonesia Fuscia
ligula suspendisse ornare $754.95 Norway Fuscia
proin eu mi $131.19 Ukraine Aquamarine
elementum $500.52 Belarus Red
aliquam $597.03 Russia Mauv
convallis $758.22 Argentina Purple
justo $502.25 Oman Maroon
facilisi cras $647.44 Slovenia Khaki
vestibulum velit id $733.54 Brazil Crimson
eros suspendisse accumsan $322.06 Venezuela Orange
donec pharetra $576.40 Poland Khaki
in faucibus orci $360.65 Brazil Teal
dapibus nulla $158.79 Brazil Aquamarine
donec quis $525.34 Finland Yellow
nulla nunc $590.16 South Africa Blue
et ultrices posuere $519.13 Czech Republic Khaki
duis bibendum felis $438.98 Greece Crimson
ridiculus $625.20 Czech Republic Purple
pede $690.48 Ukraine Goldenrod
nisi volutpat $561.14 Ukraine Khaki
mauris non ligula $115.96 Paraguay Pink
fermentum donec $566.67 France Crimson
arcu $580.39 Hungary Aquamarine
consectetuer eget rutrum $505.59 China Violet
sed nisl $340.89 Indonesia Red
eget massa tempor $444.72 Philippines Pink
morbi ut $415.39 United States Maroon
erat volutpat in $489.75 Sweden Violet
sagittis sapien cum $379.41 Peru Goldenrod
ipsum $343.07 Uzbekistan Violet
montes $350.29 Kyrgyzstan Violet
pellentesque $683.80 Nigeria Aquamarine
vel $603.68 Kazakhstan Crimson
pede malesuada in $407.13 China Red
at velit $558.25 China Turquoise
a suscipit $598.03 Poland Crimson
ac consequat $662.03 China Orange
sollicitudin $200.78 Poland Violet
consequat $604.27 Brazil Violet
non lectus $339.73 Croatia Khaki

Table with list of employees

Sortable table with list of employees. You can download sample file here

Name Surname Email Title Gender
Name Surname Email Title Gender
Fred Hernandez Senior Quality Engineer Male
Irene Rivera VP Accounting Female
Maria Bailey Statistician II Female
Jane Fields Associate Professor Female
Tammy Ross Professor Female
Gerald Russell VP Quality Control Male
Evelyn James Computer Systems Analyst II Female
Howard Kim Physical Therapy Assistant Male
Antonio Grant Executive Secretary Male
Donald Mccoy Electrical Engineer Male
Kathryn Gomez Research Associate Female
Willie Gonzalez Sales Associate Male
Marilyn Perry Quality Engineer Female
Samuel Green Community Outreach Specialist Male
Jose Cook Software Test Engineer IV Male
Jeffrey Long Help Desk Technician Male
Stephanie Warren Payment Adjustment Coordinator Female
Denise Myers Structural Analysis Engineer Female
Amy White Programmer Analyst IV Female
Heather Carr VP Marketing Female
Harry Frazier Dental Hygienist Male
Ann Medina Product Engineer Female
Norma Carroll Assistant Manager Female
Harry Powell Marketing Manager Male
Nicholas Hunter Occupational Therapist Male
Tina Bishop Human Resources Manager Female
Debra Hudson Desktop Support Technician Female
Michelle Elliott Account Coordinator Female
Maria Watkins Electrical Engineer Female
Raymond Robinson Engineer III Male
Katherine Lawson Engineer I Female
Jeffrey Ramirez Cost Accountant Male
Carol Little Senior Cost Accountant Female
Keith Graham Structural Analysis Engineer Male
Eugene Mcdonald Research Nurse Male
Tammy Mcdonald Geologist II Female
Gary Fox Nuclear Power Engineer Male
Joshua Williams Business Systems Development Analyst Male
Betty Washington Civil Engineer Female
Janice Ruiz GIS Technical Architect Female
Ralph Weaver Dental Hygienist Male
Timothy Robinson Geologist IV Male
Adam Mills Librarian Male
Peter Wood Associate Professor Male
Ruby Baker Senior Developer Female
Christina Stone Marketing Manager Female
Jean James Design Engineer Female
Phillip Wallace Junior Executive Male
Virginia Lane Marketing Assistant Female
Jane Chavez Developer IV Female
Lori Martin Help Desk Technician Female
Sarah Larson Chief Design Engineer Female
Kimberly Miller General Manager Female
Christopher Dunn General Manager Male
Kevin Fields Graphic Designer Male
Earl Cook Civil Engineer Male
Eugene Phillips Mechanical Systems Engineer Male
Dennis Gomez VP Marketing Male
Nicole Perez Web Developer IV Female
Alan Parker Office Assistant II Male
Amanda Murphy Chemical Engineer Female
Angela Carter Geologist IV Female
Ann Austin Electrical Engineer Female
Lawrence Wallace Geological Engineer Male
Willie Harvey Senior Financial Analyst Male
Lawrence Patterson VP Quality Control Male
Tina Armstrong Financial Analyst Female
Richard Snyder Web Developer III Male
Janet Baker Account Executive Female
Thomas Gray Food Chemist Male
Wayne Hansen Associate Professor Male
Laura Jenkins Developer I Female
Earl Ryan Administrative Assistant III Male
Michelle Fisher Associate Professor Female
Janet Roberts Geologist II Female
Debra Harvey Payment Adjustment Coordinator Female
Harry Gutierrez Accountant IV Male
Lois Pierce Human Resources Manager Female
Robin Miller Software Consultant Female
Ernest Ford Accounting Assistant IV Male
Antonio Hicks Quality Engineer Male
Timothy Robinson Quality Engineer Male
Terry Simpson Food Chemist Male
Steven Payne Chemical Engineer Male
Jerry Cook Project Manager Male
Marie Hunt Internal Auditor Female
Janice Hanson Account Representative II Female
Harold Grant Paralegal Male
Eric Smith Account Executive Male
Chris Medina VP Sales Male
Lois Nelson Speech Pathologist Female
Frances Lynch Internal Auditor Female
Thomas Gonzalez Marketing Assistant Male
Joseph Mason Graphic Designer Male
Stephen Spencer Technical Writer Male
Jerry Moore Dental Hygienist Male
Jeremy Nichols Research Associate Male
Justin Austin Geological Engineer Male
Joan Garcia Physical Therapy Assistant Female
Billy Perez Paralegal Male
Diana Morales Electrical Engineer Female
Carolyn Reyes Assistant Manager Female
Clarence Ramirez Registered Nurse Male
Shawn Miller Senior Financial Analyst Male
Gary Boyd Computer Systems Analyst III Male
Carolyn Foster Assistant Professor Female
David Hudson Technical Writer Male
Julie Peterson Geologist IV Female
Steve Wells Registered Nurse Male
Maria Ford Marketing Manager Female
Wanda Griffin Recruiting Manager Female
Juan Knight Graphic Designer Male
Denise Stephens Librarian Female
Betty Perez Payment Adjustment Coordinator Female
Clarence Gibson Software Consultant Male
Anthony Snyder Paralegal Male
Johnny Schmidt Civil Engineer Male
Brian Stanley Assistant Professor Male
Stephen Duncan Systems Administrator I Male
Wanda Berry Systems Administrator II Female
Ruth Morris Cost Accountant Female
Ernest Woods Safety Technician I Male
Brian Murray Marketing Assistant Male
Mildred Schmidt Assistant Media Planner Female
Jeffrey Gilbert Analog Circuit Design manager Male
Dennis Dixon Account Coordinator Male
Chris Kennedy Marketing Manager Male
Raymond Turner Clinical Specialist Male
Harry Black Mechanical Systems Engineer Male
Debra Bryant Software Engineer IV Female
Sara Wilson Administrative Assistant III Female
Keith Ryan Desktop Support Technician Male
Russell Collins Help Desk Operator Male
James Marshall Chemical Engineer Male
Joseph Ross Marketing Manager Male
Robert Graham Recruiter Male
Mary Ramos Structural Engineer Female
Elizabeth Spencer Food Chemist Female
Linda Campbell Physical Therapy Assistant Female
Jimmy Freeman Analog Circuit Design manager Male
Jack Walker Pharmacist Male
Ryan Wallace Marketing Manager Male
Debra Snyder Information Systems Manager Female
Earl Allen Financial Analyst Male
Elizabeth Black Chief Design Engineer Female
Keith Hicks Electrical Engineer Male
Todd Washington Automation Specialist I Male
Bobby Hawkins Recruiting Manager Male
Phyllis Flores Administrative Assistant II Female
Barbara Dixon Human Resources Manager Female
Harry Bell Research Associate Male
Dennis Wallace Director of Sales Male
Judy Brown Desktop Support Technician Female
Anna Jackson Senior Developer Female
Walter Nguyen Pharmacist Male
Brian Murphy Business Systems Development Analyst Male
Virginia Wells Chemical Engineer Female
Ronald Torres Cost Accountant Male
Jimmy Wilson Chemical Engineer Male
Rebecca Hunt VP Sales Female
William Allen Structural Analysis Engineer Male
Ashley Watkins Human Resources Assistant IV Female
Phillip Smith Senior Developer Male
Betty Barnes Engineer II Female
Deborah Hill Senior Sales Associate Female
Mark Owens Senior Cost Accountant Male
Robert Morrison Financial Advisor Male
Kathryn Price Quality Control Specialist Female
Bruce Ford Pharmacist Male
Cynthia Jones Paralegal Female
Angela Coleman Design Engineer Female
Louise Gibson Cost Accountant Female
Annie Kennedy Business Systems Development Analyst Female
Debra Montgomery Assistant Professor Female
Adam Hall Biostatistician III Male
Walter Harris Account Executive Male
Nicholas Richards Product Engineer Male
Mildred Duncan Librarian Female
Tammy Duncan Professor Female
Douglas Lewis Analog Circuit Design manager Male
Steve Garcia Chief Design Engineer Male
Laura Davis Senior Cost Accountant Female
Louise Rice Staff Accountant II Female
Heather Montgomery Electrical Engineer Female
Amanda Murray Internal Auditor Female
Brenda Berry Pharmacist Female
Arthur Franklin Quality Control Specialist Male
William Hall Design Engineer Male
Steve Patterson Environmental Tech Male
Scott Lawrence Junior Executive Male
Joshua Stewart Account Coordinator Male
Gerald Alvarez Desktop Support Technician Male
Albert Harper Administrative Assistant IV Male
Ronald Cole Analyst Programmer Male
Adam Gomez Internal Auditor Male
Jeffrey Gardner Professor Male
Kathryn Wright Structural Analysis Engineer Female
Lois Moore Marketing Assistant Female
Adam Gutierrez Software Test Engineer IV Male
Joyce Cook VP Product Management Female
Christopher Martin Software Consultant Male
Craig Williamson Developer III Male
Henry Hansen Civil Engineer Male
Lisa Little Assistant Manager Female
Barbara Moreno Administrative Assistant I Female
Lori Garza Analyst Programmer Female
Brenda Harris Clinical Specialist Female
Juan Ford Human Resources Assistant II Male
Victor Perry Statistician III Male
Theresa Gibson Actuary Female
Lawrence Watkins Nurse Male
Steve George Account Executive Male
Doris Morgan Research Assistant IV Female
Louise Watkins Chemical Engineer Female
Nicholas Stewart Cost Accountant Male
Russell Russell Systems Administrator I Male
Anna Brooks Chief Design Engineer Female
Elizabeth Rivera Senior Developer Female
Margaret Grant Occupational Therapist Female
Harry Gonzalez VP Sales Male
Matthew Allen Web Developer I Male
Gary Harvey Account Executive Male
Alan Welch Community Outreach Specialist Male
Rebecca Henry Research Nurse Female
Margaret Jackson Statistician II Female
Dorothy Wright Mechanical Systems Engineer Female
Eugene Watson Business Systems Development Analyst Male
Louis Lawrence Administrative Officer Male
Antonio Patterson Software Test Engineer II Male
Jane Barnes Legal Assistant Female
Joan Cruz Junior Executive Female
Scott Ruiz Internal Auditor Male
Timothy James Actuary Male
Daniel James Help Desk Technician Male
Ashley Owens Senior Editor Female
Larry Hawkins Media Manager II Male
Carlos Allen Occupational Therapist Male
Henry Watson Web Designer III Male
Katherine Romero Nuclear Power Engineer Female
Tammy Harrison Data Coordiator Female
Janice Hudson Assistant Manager Female
Jesse Morris Product Engineer Male
Wanda Young Safety Technician IV Female
Kathryn Russell Product Engineer Female
Willie Matthews Budget/Accounting Analyst IV Male
Michael Carr Human Resources Manager Male
Ralph Cook Administrative Assistant IV Male
Maria Burke Sales Associate Female
Stephanie Fox Chemical Engineer Female
Julie Williamson Actuary Female
Joseph Jackson Assistant Manager Male
Betty Richards Staff Accountant I Female
Stephanie Andrews Financial Advisor Female
Jack Day Mechanical Systems Engineer Male
Sharon Lopez Executive Secretary Female
Bruce Gutierrez Information Systems Manager Male
Michelle Walker Geologist III Female
Eugene Bishop Senior Developer Male
Scott Bennett Budget/Accounting Analyst I Male
Bobby Reynolds Senior Developer Male
Nancy Banks VP Marketing Female
Deborah Nichols VP Product Management Female
Jason Hamilton Geologist I Male
Frances Washington Database Administrator III Female
Eric Howard Accounting Assistant I Male
Ronald Young Human Resources Manager Male
Irene Carroll Editor Female
Howard Nguyen Design Engineer Male
Russell Parker Automation Specialist III Male
Doris Castillo Help Desk Operator Female
Eric Wright Senior Sales Associate Male
Jack Torres Teacher Male
Jessica Spencer Tax Accountant Female
Evelyn Riley Marketing Manager Female
Janice Rose Programmer Analyst I Female
Amy Day Sales Associate Female
Kathy Phillips Health Coach IV Female
Patricia Moreno Civil Engineer Female
Juan Kelly Chief Design Engineer Male
Russell Roberts Statistician I Male
Carl Simpson Dental Hygienist Male
Ralph Ross Occupational Therapist Male
Nicole Riley Research Associate Female
Debra Moore Senior Financial Analyst Female
Diane Jacobs Research Associate Female
Jason Hunt Clinical Specialist Male
Raymond Robertson Nurse Male
Larry Ross Occupational Therapist Male
Heather Bailey Administrative Officer Female
James Peterson VP Product Management Male
Wanda Vasquez Environmental Tech Female
Sean Mills Sales Representative Male
James Turner VP Accounting Male
Heather Chavez Compensation Analyst Female
Sara Stanley Media Manager IV Female
Jennifer Flores Human Resources Manager Female
Brenda Parker Mechanical Systems Engineer Female
Albert West Developer I Male
Carl Hill Programmer Analyst I Male
Ralph Mccoy Sales Representative Male
Judith Rivera VP Quality Control Female
Doris Anderson Software Consultant Female
Kimberly Henry Director of Sales Female
Dennis Simpson Chemical Engineer Male
Theresa Schmidt Account Coordinator Female
Kathleen Ramos Human Resources Manager Female
Brandon Evans Electrical Engineer Male
Kathy Peterson Account Coordinator Female
George Fernandez Internal Auditor Male
Randy Scott Design Engineer Male
Rose Watkins Senior Developer Female
Brian Martinez Recruiter Male
Sandra Banks Systems Administrator III Female
Shawn Bennett Research Associate Male
Kathleen Perry Structural Engineer Female
Beverly Thompson Administrative Officer Female
Anna Chapman Design Engineer Female
Adam Fields Automation Specialist III Male
Douglas Gutierrez VP Accounting Male
Christina George Research Assistant IV Female
Christine Adams Safety Technician II Female
Ronald Roberts Business Systems Development Analyst Male
Paula Phillips Mechanical Systems Engineer Female
Bobby Harris Nurse Practicioner Male
Stephanie Rodriguez Account Executive Female
Norma Perry Design Engineer Female
Douglas Palmer Mechanical Systems Engineer Male
Donald Jones Community Outreach Specialist Male
Joseph Hunt Speech Pathologist Male
Carol Harris Senior Quality Engineer Female
Willie Cox VP Product Management Male
Douglas Porter VP Quality Control Male
Bruce Bell Computer Systems Analyst IV Male
Bobby Shaw Associate Professor Male
Julie Scott Programmer Analyst IV Female
Janice Tucker GIS Technical Architect Female
Tammy Alvarez VP Product Management Female
Tammy Gilbert Marketing Manager Female
Diana Edwards Mechanical Systems Engineer Female
Raymond Cunningham Nurse Male
Diana Carroll Account Coordinator Female
Roger Gutierrez Environmental Tech Male
Ruth Collins Research Nurse Female
George Peterson Senior Developer Male
Roger Martinez Teacher Male
Shirley Austin Engineer III Female
Jimmy Brooks Community Outreach Specialist Male
Melissa Baker Business Systems Development Analyst Female
Lawrence Welch Design Engineer Male
Paul Alvarez Quality Control Specialist Male
Julie Jenkins Paralegal Female
Emily Jacobs Database Administrator IV Female
Kathryn Gonzales Budget/Accounting Analyst I Female
Virginia Mccoy Desktop Support Technician Female
Betty Mccoy Junior Executive Female
Angela Welch Programmer II Female
Margaret Marshall Clinical Specialist Female
Lillian Griffin Design Engineer Female
Phyllis Hart Assistant Manager Female
Kevin Perkins Project Manager Male
Anthony Clark Chief Design Engineer Male
Martin Fox Community Outreach Specialist Male
Walter Thomas Chief Design Engineer Male
Bruce Rivera Marketing Assistant Male
Todd Palmer Assistant Media Planner Male
Russell Hunter Operator Male
Kevin Fernandez Food Chemist Male
Anne Willis Professor Female
Jerry Coleman Human Resources Assistant I Male
Donna Ross Administrative Officer Female
Earl Hill Staff Accountant I Male
Christina Bailey Administrative Assistant IV Female
Brian Olson Professor Male
Jeremy Lynch Social Worker Male
Katherine Hudson Nurse Practicioner Female
Alice Bennett Health Coach II Female
Nicole Rogers Business Systems Development Analyst Female
John Hanson Registered Nurse Male
Lois Lynch Occupational Therapist Female
Raymond Rodriguez Health Coach III Male
Adam Cox Cost Accountant Male
Steve Wells Sales Associate Male
David Morgan Junior Executive Male
Shirley Hayes Speech Pathologist Female
Michael Fox Software Engineer II Male
Anne Burke Programmer IV Female
Christina Medina Account Coordinator Female
Linda Ramos Senior Editor Female
Lawrence Barnes Web Designer III Male
Adam Collins Senior Quality Engineer Male
Phillip Webb Associate Professor Male
Jennifer Bowman Editor Female
Melissa Banks Product Engineer Female
Sarah Porter Recruiter Female
Russell Lane Database Administrator I Male
Kathleen Alexander Human Resources Assistant III Female
Louis Lopez Biostatistician III Male
Diane Collins Structural Engineer Female
Rebecca George Recruiting Manager Female
Jesse Reyes Help Desk Operator Male

Vector map with markers

Here is the vector map of France. We added colorful markers at some cities.
Marker size depends on a city area and marker color depends on a city population.

Try hovering over the cluttered markers around Paris, and a magnifying glass will open to show the markers in more detail.