Colorful Charts

With Data Source plugin you can easily build charts for your data.
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Easy to build and use tables is just one of the option of Data Source plugin.
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Create beautiful visual maps with your data
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Wonderful grids for your data: XLS, CSV, XML, Google Spreadsheets or even Posts and WooCommerce products or user profiles.
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Amazing Features

Data Source provides you with simple and user-friendy interface but powerful enough to meet all your needs
Public side demos
It is easy to create beautiful charts, grids and tables with Data Source plugin. Any data you have in CSV, XML, Excel, GoogleSpreadsheets, MySQL tables and WordPress can be displayed in one of above mentioned way. Review our showcases for more details.
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Admin Panel
DataSource plugin provides you with well organized, feature rich and intuitive interface. All presentations you create with DataSource allow you to easily add them to posts and pages using short codes. See admin panel interface screenshots for more information.
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DataSource Demo

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You can buy Data Source plugin exclusively on CodeCanyon website.
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