May 30, 2015

Grid – Contacts list

3 columns grid with cycled backgrounds and boxes having rounded borders

Fred Hernandez

Senior Quality Engineer

Phone: 7-(528)902-5773

Irene Rivera

VP Accounting

Phone: 6-(955)225-9891

Maria Bailey

Statistician II

Phone: 0-(738)995-8093

Jane Fields

Associate Professor

Phone: 6-(371)933-4578

Tammy Ross


Phone: 7-(537)058-6131

Gerald Russell

VP Quality Control

Phone: 7-(161)318-7175

Evelyn James

Computer Analyst

Phone: 6-(514)346-0034

Howard Kim

Physical Therapy Assistant

Phone: 9-(129)372-7111

Antonio Grant

Executive Secretary

Phone: 2-(398)814-4060

Donald Mccoy

Electrical Engineer

Phone: 8-(585)656-4476

Kathryn Gomez

Research Associate

Phone: 1-(073)205-6376